A'la Carte Menu 2021

Matured goat cheese terrine with pear chutney, salad and toast    1 490 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten

Duck rillette with scone and red onion jam      1 490 HUF
allergens: lakctose, gluten, sulphide
Beef soup with vegetables and dumplings     1 350 HUF
allergens: glutene, egg, celery

Green tea-sweet potato cream soup     1 190 HUF
allergens: cellery, sulphide

Őrség-style burger, steak potato and cabbage salad with mayonnaise   3 190 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten, egg, sulphide, sesam seed, fish, muotard

Smoked salmon bagel sandwich     2 190 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten, egg, sulphide, fish, muotard

Fried zucchini with sesame, steamed jasmine rice and pumpkin seed oil dip  1 990 HUF
allergens: gluten, lactose, egg, sulphide, sesam seed

Garlic rib steak with spicy potato cloves and fried onion rings with spicy sauce    3 190 HUF
allergens: gluten, egg, sulphide, cellery

Baked trout fillet with almond,  fried potatoes and remulade    3 490 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten, egg, sulphide, fish, nuts

Roasted chicken breast fillet with cheddar-jalapenno and roasted vegetables with pumpkin and sweet chili     3 190 HUF
allergens: lactose, cellery

Roasted duck leg with rosemary and purple cabbage puree with homemade croquettes and red wine plums   3 290 HUF
allergens: gluten, egg, sulphide, cellery

Caesar salad    1 990 HUF
allergens: fish, moutard, egg, gluten, sulphide

Caesar salad with chicken    2 790 HUF
allergens: fish, moutard, egg, gluten, sulphide

Greek salad with pickled feta   1 950 HUF
allergens: lactose

Gotthard mixed salad with pumpkin seed oil dressing    1 390 HUF
allergens: lactose

Pickled vegetables     650 HUF
allergens: sulphide
French apple pie with cinnamon-vanilla sauce    1 190 HUF
allergens: lactose, egg, gluten

Sacher slices with rum apricot sauce and whipped cream    1 190 HUF
allergens: lactose, egg, gluten
Children's menu

Culinary delights for the little ones - we think of our smallest guests, too!
The children’s menu is available every day between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in the Bar.

Refreshing thirst quenchers
Aqua Panna non carbonated mineral water 0,25 l          790 HUF

Aqua Panna non carbonated mineral water  0,75 l          1 290 HUF      

Limonade 0,5l          890 HUF

Limonade 1l          1 780 HUF

Fruit juices
Apple 0,25 l         690 HUF

Orange 0,25 l         690 HUF

Peach 0,25 l          690 HUF

Pineapple 0,25 l         690 HUF

Blackcurrant 0,25 l         690 HUF

Lemon 0,25 l     690 HUF

Peach 0,25 l    690 HUF

Milk-based drinks
Milk 3.5% 0.2 l              250 HUF
allergens: lactose
Cocoa 3.5% 0.2 l          350 HUF
allergens: lactose
Lactose-free milk: 0.2 l      280 HUF
Rice milk: 0.2 l          450 HUF

Banana shake with chocolate sauce and sponge ­ngers 0.3 l      890 HUF
allergens: egg, lactose, glutene
Also available in lactose-free version 0.3 l         890 HUF
allergens: egg, glutene

Meat soup with pasta, vegetables    890 HUF
allergens: celery, egg, glutene
Fruit soup       890 HUF
(with seasonal fruits)
allergens: lactose

Homemade pulpy/mushy delicacies
Homemade fruit yoghurt with muesli 0.15 l         890 HUF
allergens: lactose, glutene

Delicacies for lunch
Ham and cheese toasty            1190 HUF
allergens: lactose, glutene
Roasted chicken breast ­llet with steamed vegetables       1590 HUF
allergens: -
Fried chicken breast with potato smiles           1690 HUF
allergens: egg, glutene
Homemade fi­sh sticks (without ­fishbones) with rice and peas       1690 HUF
allergens: egg, fish, glutene
Pasta with Bolognaise sauce served with grated cheese       1590 HUF
allergens: lactose, celery, glutene, egg
Pasta with cheese sauce         1390 HUF
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg
Fried cheese with mixed garnish     1990 HUF
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg

To the sweet tooth
Pancake with jam                400 HUF/pc
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg
or with hazelnut spread              450 HUF/pc
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg, peanut
Wafer “sandwich” with hazelnut spread, whipped cream and fresh fruits    990 HUF/pc
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg, peanut

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