A'la Carte Menu 2022

A'la Carte Menu 2022

Smoked duck breast tartare, red onion jam with thyme, toasted bread  1.990 HUF
allergens: sulphite, gluten, lactose, eggs, fish, mustard

Pumpkin seed crusted goat cheese in “Őrség” style, roasted fall vegetables, orange-pumpkin-cream    2.990 HUF
allergens: lactose
Chicken soup, homemade liver dumplings, vegetables    1.690 HUF
allergens: gluten, egg, celery

Chestnut and wild mushroom cream soup in “Őrség” style, cheese and walnut croutons    1.990 HUF
allergens: celery, sulphite, lactose, gluten, nuts
Main courses

Hamburger in „Őrség” style, baked potatoes, cabbage salad, mayonnaise    4.390 HUF
allergens: gluten, lactose, egg, mustard, sulphite, celery, sesame, fish

Creamy, sun-dried tomato papardelle, capers, baby spinach, parmesan      2.990 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten, egg, cellery, sulphide

Sirloin with skin, sauerkraut, pumpkin seed oil, Hungarian dumplings „Dödölle”, sour cream with smoked paprika    4.890 HUF
allergens: lactose, gluten, cellery, sulphide

Chicken breast fillet filled with prunes and camembert, steamed jasmine rice, creamy pepper mustard    3.490 HUF
allergens: lactose, cellery, sulphide

Beer battered zander fillet, parsley, fried potatoes, beetroot remoulade    4.390 HUF
allergens: fish, gluten, egg, sulphite, mustard, lactose

Beef cheeks, wild mushroom ragout, homemade croquettes, Brussels sprouts with bacon    4.690 HUF
allergens: gluten, cellery, sulphide, egg

Mixed salad, pumpkin seed oil, marinated mozzarella balls, toasted seeds  1.990 HUF
allergens: sesame, lactose, sulfite

Mixed salad, pumpkin seed oil, marinated mozzarella balls, toasted seeds, honey-mustard-checken breast strips     3.290 HUF
allergens: sesame, lactose, sulfite, mustard

Optional pickles     790 HUF
(delicate cucumber, apple pepper, mixed pickles, beetroot) 
Apple pie, mulled wine and vanilla sauce, fresh fruit    2.490 HUF
allergens: lactose, egg

Chestnut puree, rum, sour cherry ragout   1.790 HUF

Culinary delights for the little ones - we think of our smallest guests, too!

Milk-based drinks
Milk 3.5% 0.2 l              250 HUF
allergens: lactose
Cocoa 3.5% 0.2 l          350 HUF
allergens: lactose
Lactose-free milk 0.2 l      280 HUF
Rice milk 0.2 l          450 HUF

Meat soup with pasta, vegetables    890 HUF
allergens: celery, egg, glutene
Fruit soup       890 HUF
allergens: lactose

Delicacies for lunch
Roasted chicken breast ­llet with steamed vegetables       1.590 HUF
allergens: -
Fried chicken breast with potato smiles           1.690 HUF
allergens: egg, glutene
Homemade fi­sh sticks (without ­fishbones) with rice and peas       1.690 HUF
allergens: egg, fish, glutene
Pasta with Bolognaise sauce served with grated cheese       1.590 HUF
allergens: lactose, celery, glutene, egg
Fried cheese with optional garnish (steak potato, rice)    1.990 HUF
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg

Pancake with jam                400 HUF/pc
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg
or with hazelnut spread              450 HUF/pc
allergens: lactose, glutene, egg, peanut

Some of our meals can also be ordered in allergen free versions, in case of food intolerance, feel free to contact our colleagues! We inform our guests that our prices including 15% service charge, VAT and are given in HUF. 

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