Special Offers

Special Offers

Recharge your batteries with a wellness experience in Gotthard Therme Hotel & Conference


Fill yourself up with tempting foods, 1500 nm water surface, childanimation and different kind of program offers in Őrség, Austria and Slovenia! 

    Our special offer:

  • Delicious cold and hot buffet breakfast and delicious buffet dinner
  • Unlimited Soft Drink Package every day between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m
  • Entrance to the Szentgotthárd Spa & Wellness - 1,500 m2 water surface 
  • Interesting programmes, livemusic
  • Family-children animation
  • Exciting hiking opportunities

   More nights, better discounts

  • In case of booking 4 nights we ensure 10% discount! 



Active programmes in and around Szentgotthárd

For a meaningful and memorable stay, we have collected the recommended program opportunities in the area. We wish you an unforgettable stay!

Attractions close to the hotel

  • Baroque Catholic Church - The third biggest baroque church in Hungary
  • Baroque Garden - The garden can be found behind the church and was built by the original plans 
  • Theater - The former granary is used as the theater of the town nowadays. 

Local places to discover

  • Hársas Lake - It is located 6 km away from the hotel, on a nature reserve. On a 2,1 km long path, it is possible to walk around the lake. 
  • St. Emerich Church - The new church, which was consecrated on Whitsuntide Sunday in 1904 can be found only 10,7 km away from the hotel and is a perfect outleap in every season of the year. 
  • Trianon coloumn - The coloumn, with its pyramid-shape preserves the memory of the Trianon treaties. It also shows the most western point of Hungary. 
  • Russian T-34 type tank - The monument was established in 1985 and it commemorates the battles and soldiers of the Second World War. It is located 17 km away from the hotel. 

Our hotel could be the perfect staying point for discovering and enjoying three countries at once. At the most western point of Hungary, it is also possible to get to know Austria, too. 

Our offers:

  • Zotter chocolate manufactory
  • astle of Riegersburg
  • Fromagerie zu Riegersburg - Cheese manufactory
  • Herberstein - Castle garden and animal world
  • Vulcano ham manufactory

Szentgotthard is not called "the gate of the region Őrség" for no reason. Our town is not a main part of the region Őrség, but the surrounding villages are and you could not even find a better place than Szentgotthard to stay at while discovering this beautiful landscape. 

Our offers:
  • Hike to the eurasian wild horses
  • Portal visits
  • Pityerszer - "Őrségi Népi Műemlékegyüttes" 
  • Hiking trails

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Spa maintenance
We would like to draw your attention, that between 25-28. September 2023 the Szentgotthárd Spa & Wellness keep closed because of maintanance. The thermal bath can be visited again from 29. September. Thank you for your understanding!