Dog-friendly services

Dog-friendly services

Recommended for pets


Our hotel welcomes your dog, cat or other small pets.

Pets: EUR 20,- / night

In each case, we can receive pets in the same room with the owners, but without maintenance. 


Dog services: our highlights 

  • Bed for the dog in the room 
  • Bowl for your four-legged friend 
  • Our offers for the ideal walk with your dog - any time of the day 
    • Green grass path in the park right next to the hotel 
    • Grassland in front of the terrace of the hotel 
    • Idyllic walking path along the River Raba 
  • Dog-friendly a'la carte restaurant where you can enjoy the culinary delights with your dog by your side 
  • Dog beauty salon close to the hotel - book your appointment at the hotel reception 
  • Vet's office close to the hotel - ask for information and help at the hotel reception
  • Dog services: collar, leash, tick removal spoon - in case of demand at the reception desk

Thank you! Your dog is a welcome guest in your room, in the lobby and bar area of the hotel. We appreciate your understanding though, that we cannot let the dogs in the restaurant or the wellness and spa area. 

We can recommend dog beauty salon for request. 

Dog-friendly hotel etiquette (according to the experience collected by the website

  • Please, in the hotel area, outside your room, always keep your dog on a leash.
  • If you are not sure which way you can let your dog go around the hotel, please, ask our receptionist colleagues, who will be happy to be at your service.
  • Do not leave your dog alone in the room for such a long time that it can have separation anxiety (barking, scratching the door). Before you go on a holiday together, check if you can leave your dog alone in an unfamiliar place.
  • Please, let the hotel staff know if your dog is in the room resting. (Door hanger)
  • If your dog likes to watch TV with you on the couch, please, put a sheet or a blanket under it.
  • In case the dog/pet leaves its dirt in any areas of the hotel, please clean it up, or – as far as possible – have the pet do this activity outside the hotel.
  • It is forbidden to take your dog / pet into the restaurant or other catering places, into the bath and wellness & spa department.
  • The owner bears full financial, legal and moral responsibility of any damages of the hotel room or other hotel departments caused by the animal.

Our hotel welcomes dogs with a dog menu!

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