A visit to the sauna is beneficial and can have a positive effect on your health. Sauna sessions are healthy: the alternation of dry, hot air and subsequent cooling exerts a strong stimulus on the body, which stimulates all organ systems, revs up the metabolism and strengthens the immune system.

Saunapark - for an extra charge

  • Finnish sauna house /outdoor/
  • Aromatherapy steam cabin
  • Vaporous bio sauna
  • Vapour bath
  • Infrasauna
  • Aroma cabin
  • Diving pool
  • Rest room
  • Saunabar

Sauna rules

Use of the sauna is possible without a bathing suit and only from the age 15 year! Guests can buy the sauna ticket at the wellness reception. You can use the sauna towel in the sauna bar.

Opening hours: 12:30-19:00

Sauna services are available at extra charge

Entrance ticket to the sauna park       6,57 EUR / person
Sauna infusions                                     2,57 EUR / person

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