Region Őrség

Let yourself get amazed by the őrség!

Region Őrség 

Szentgotthard is not called "the gate of the region Őrség" for no reason. Our town is not a main part of the region Őrség, but the surrounding villages are and you could not even find a better place than Szentgotthard to stay at while discovering this beautiful landscape. 

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Program possibilities in the region őrség 

Wandering in the Őrség



Going on a walk in the always calm nature in the National Park, while meeting the rich wildlife of the region. 

During the guided tours tour-guides help you to discover the treasures of the national park the right way. 




Hike to the eurasian wild horses

Previous registration needed! 

The hikers start their tour from the Őrség Folk Monument-Ensemble and walk around the meadow of the eurasian horses. During the guided tour visitors can meet the "inhabitants" of the region Őrség. 




Portal visits 


People in the region Őrség are very traditionalists and the families still hoard their old traditions which can be taken a look at with the so called "portal visits". Visitors can get to know and see the family bartons, the exceptional gastronomy of the region and the preparation of the traditional meals. Taste and enjoy the local specialities, such as the homemade strudel, pretzel or cheese. You can also take a look into the making of the special pumpkin seed oil or try yourself out and take home your own bottle of the liquid gold of the Őrség! 





Load down the free application of the Őrség National Park! With the help of the app you can discover hiking trails and get information about the region only with a few "clicks". 


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