Programs in Szentgotthard and around the town


Discover the surroundings of the town with the help of the Gotthard Map. You can dowload it here or ask for it by our reception desk. 

  • Excursions and tours in the Őrség National Park 
  • Guided tours in the Őrség to discover the treasures of the national park 
  • Culinary experiences in the Őrség National Park 
  • Bicycle tours in the beautiful nature 
  • Canoeing on the River Raba 
  • Fishing - Hársas Lake 
  • Slovenia: 
    • Ocean Orchids - Orchid & Tropical Garden in Dobrovnik 
    • Grad Castle - Krajinski Park Goricko
    • Lendva Vinarium - A look-out tower from where all the surrounding countries can be seen (Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia and Austria) 
    • Lake Bakonak, Energy- and Adventurepark 
  • Austria
    • Zotter Chococlate Manufacture: Riegersburg 
    • Castles in Riegersburg and Güssing 
    • Dino Park: Bad Gleichenberg 
    • Tale Park in Mühlgraben 
    • Castle in Herberstein 
    • Animal World in Herberstein 
    • Trip to the town of Graz 
    • Thermalpark in Loipersdorf 
    • Ham Manufacture in Auersbach 



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