Sights in the small town of szentgotthard and its surroundings 

Attractions close to the hotel

  • Baroque Catholic Church - The third biggest baroque church in Hungary
  • Baroque Garden - The garden can be found behind the church and was built by the original plans 
  • Theater - The former granary is used as the theater of the town nowadays. 

Local places to discover

  • Hársas Lake - It is located 6 km away from the hotel, on a nature reserve. On a 2,1 km long path, it is possible to walk around the lake. 
  • St. Emerich Church - The new church, which was consecrated on Whitsuntide Sunday in 1904 can be found only 10,7 km away from the hotel and is a perfect outleap in every season of the year. 
  • Trianon coloumn - The coloumn, with its pyramid-shape preserves the memory of the Trianon treaties. It also shows the most western point of Hungary. 
  • Russian T-34 type tank - The monument was established in 1985 and it commemorates the battles and soldiers of the Second World War. It is located 17 km away from the hotel. 


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